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Masters & PhD Thesis Editing

for Students in Sheffield

Improve the clarity, structure and style of your Master's or PhD thesis so your argument really hits home.

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Top-notch thesis editing services for postgrad students


Clean, tighten and bolster your academic prose, one line at a time.


Deadline looming? Fix those hard-to-spot errors so you're ready for submission.

Topic Planning

Struggling to nail down your topic? Let's plan out your thesis together.

ESOL Support

International student? Get expert writing help if English isn't your first language.

Success stories

An MSc dissertation that was awarded the top distinction in the programme.

A PhD thesis that has now been published as a book in English- and Spanish-language editions.

An MBA dissertation that received a grade of 94% and a D4 (of 5) distinction.

Student reviews

"James is very professional and his work is very rigorous, polished and qualified. The first time I looked for him I had already finished my postdoc in Agrarian Studies at Yale University. By that time I was writing an academic article to send it to the Journal of Peasant Studies, one of the best journals in development, anthropology and agrarian problems.

James was literally my saviour. He did the copy editing review in record time and with a fair rate. It was just what I was looking for. His suggestions and comments fitted very well to the journal style and my article became more fluid and seemed more native. Also, he helped me find a better structure and avoid repetitions. I am always grateful to him, he is the best in his job! This is why I always turn to him to review my writing in English."

Jenni, PhD Social Sciences

About me

Hello, I’m James, and I’ve been helping PhD and Master’s students improve their thesis/dissertation writing since 2008.​​

Thesis Editing Sheffield

It all started during my own postgrad studies in Montreal, where I ran my department’s Writing Centre. I worked one-to-one and in groups with students who wanted to refine their academic writing style and get maximum impact from their essays. I had a blast doing it. And I’ve been working with Master’s and PhD thesis writers ever since.

Work with me when you’re writing your thesis, and you get these simple promises:


  • I’ll bring the best out of your thesis writing, whatever the subject, whatever the topic.


  • I treat every client as the individual they are, with a bespoke service to go with it.


  • I won’t charge the earth, and I won’t let you down.


You can also check out the Guides section for years of academic writing experience distilled into a set of simple resources: from planning your thesis properly to getting your reference list right.


Undergrad essay-writer? There’s a free in-depth guide to planning your essays, too.


Here are some of the degree fields and topics I’ve edited in:


PhD International Development

– Reintegrating ex-guerrilla fighters in Colombia


PhD Clinical Psychology

– the value of mindfulness in mental health treatment

PhD Social Sciences

– the issue of state-backed land grabbing in modern Colombia


PhD Engineering

– a revolutionary mining technique in China

MSc International Planning

– micro-housing as a solution to the UK housing crisis


– impact of digital challengers on the UK banking sector

MSc Biodiversity, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health

– the value of translocation as a conservation tool in primates.

Let's work together.


Drop me a line with details of your thesis topic and timescales and I'll get back to you in 24 hours max.

Thank you. I'll respond asap.

Get in touch

Studying in Sheffield? Let's meet up.


Need help planning your thesis? Let's sit down and scope it out together at Union St co-working (just a short walk from Sheffield Hallam).

What's in a (Maker's) Name?


The term Maker’s Name comes from an unusual source: the game of cricket.


If you’re a batsman, coaches talk about the importance of showing the maker’s name (the branding on the front of the bat) when you move to hit the ball. It’s the ultimate sign of good technique.


Showing the Maker’s Name is what I'm all about when it comes to thesis editing. Just like the coach with the cricket bat, it’s my job to help you find the sweet spot of your academic writing.


Then together we’ll knock your thesis right out of the park.

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